Christ Chapel Children’s Home (CCCH) is a holistic child development institution an organization or institution , a non profit making initiated in 2002 established and officialy registered with the ministry of Gender Sports, Culture and Social Services in 2004. Christ Chapel Children’s Home is based in Huruma slums on the outskirts of Nairobi.

Christ Chapel Children’s Home is focusing on the holistic development of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (O.V.Cs) within Nairobi Central Division with future plans to extend the same services to other areas God giving us the grace and provision for the same.

The Home is situated in Huruma Slum, which is one of the most over populated and poverty stricken estates.

The initiation and establishment of Christ Chapel Children’s Home came as a result of thorough survey and prayers by Gloria Ndunge who God gave the burden of preaching Gospel among the slum dwellers of Huruma.

In the process of preaching the word she came to the realization that as much as the people were receiving the gospel, the community needed material support.

Abject poverty among the slum, dwellers of Huruma has resulted into the commercial sex girl-child prostitution and labour, teenage pregnancy and single motherhood.

HIV/AIDS has also claimed the lives of the majority of young parents living behind a high number of orphans and vulnerable children, some of whom have ended up in the streets.

Due to the above and many other unmentioned factors, Christ Chapel Children’s Home was born.



Christ Chapel Children’s Home wants to see a well nurtured orphan and vulnerable child living adequate physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual life.


Christ Chapel Children’s Home exists for the purpose of promoting orphans and vulnerable children’s (OVC’S) holistic welfare and development.


Transforming the lives of orphans and vulnerable children by empowering them live purposeful and rightful lives.


  1.  To demonstrate the love and mercy of Christ to the orphans and vulnerable children in the society by responding to their essential needs and problems.
  2.  To offer both formal and informal education to the orphans and vulnerable children as the strategy of building their capacity.
  3.  To offer food and shelter for the orphans and vulnerable children
  4.  To provide for health care services to the orphans and vulnerable children both institutionalized and those under home care
  5.  To offer rehabilitation and counseling services to the orphans and vulnerable children extended also to their respective relatives and guardians.
  6. To advocate and protect the rights of the orphans and vulnerable children.
  7. To mobilize and manage resources for the support of the orphans and vulnerable children.
  8. To collaborate, network and work together with the other stakeholders in child development.


To realize the above vision and to attain the above mentioned objectives Christ Chapel Children’s Home, has and will have the under mentioned facilities and services, with a room for change ad expansion as need will arise.


Christ Chapel Children’s Home has put up a home where it offers full boarding accommodation in a dormitory set up kind of accommodation for both girls and boys.

The boarding and vulnerable children have and will always be provided with recreational facilities including in door games and physical education facilities.


Christ Chapel Children’s Home has and will always provide both pre-primary, primary secondary and post secondary education (formal education)

For the school leavers and dropouts Christ Chapel Children’s Home has and will always offer informal education as a strategy for self reliance.

Christ Chapel Children’s Home being a faith based project under Christ Chapel Ministries, will ensure that the orphans and vulnerable children are promptly given spiritual nourishment for the spiritual growth. The home will always respect each children’s religious persuasion and ensure that the child grows up in respect to values aught in their religious affiliation.